The Art of Making a Great Coffee

So you want to make a great coffee?

Sounds a simple request, uncomplicated for those who prefer to grab a jar of instant from the supermarket shelf, take it home, fill the jug with water, boil, then slosh the boiled water over the granules, add milk and sugar and down the drink.

If you really want a satisfying and memorable brew; you know this isn't the solution.

Ground coffee beans have been "brewed" for over 600 years starting in Ethiopia moving through Italy and Europe to America and being modified to produce today's excellent cup through a series of "brewing" machine inventions.

Today the best coffee machines, producing the truly satisfying elixir, are the Coffeemakers, the Espresso Machines and the Combination (of both) machines. 

The Coffeemakers are the US standard machines dripping hot water through ground coffee beans contained in a removable filter.

The Espresso Machines are the US and the World standard machines, forcing steam through tamped ground coffee beans also contained in a removable (metal) filter called a portafilter. Variations involve the use of steamed milk for Cappuccino (less milk) or Latte (more milk).

The Combination machines provide both options depending on your moment to moment desires.


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